December 1, 2022


HSB to Become Independent Agency; SIS Returns to Foreign Department

Sanctus – Chancellor Charlene Hendry today announced that cabinet has agreed to split the Homeland Security Bureau, aka the HSB, out from the Sanctarian Federal Police to become a standalone agency. The HSB, tasked with domestic counter-intelligence, will be renamed as the Federal Intelligence Agency and will be moved from oversight by the Department of […]

Separatist state claims independence

After the announcement of a cease-fire by the Huenyan government, the separatist state calling itself Western Xiomera has declared the 16th of August as its “independence” day. Celebrations are being held throughout the separatist state “in recognition of our liberation from the Huenyan regime”. “We are glad that the warmongers and racists in Chuaztlapoc have […]

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Green Party Wants Free Public Transport For All

Sanctarian Politics Sanctarian National Times

Cruz Promises Referendum on Neutrality

Sanctus – Sanctarian Conservative Party leader Kate Cruz today promised a referendum to remove mandated neutrality from the Constitution if the SCP gained power in the next House of Deputies. Calling the policy “outdated in a more militant International Democratic Union”, Cruz said that “the people should decide if they want Sanctaria to let others […]

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Ringrose Elected Next DLP Leader

Sanctus – Sanctus City Councillor Ethan Ringrose was selected by the Democratic Left Party yesterday evening to be their next leader, edging out competitor Culture Secretary Amanda Thomas to the top spot. Ringrose won 58% of all votes cast. It is the first time the leader of the DLP has not already been a member […]

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Ringrose Leads Thomas in Final Days

Sanctus – Sanctus City Councillor Ethan Ringrose is leading contender Culture Secretary Amanda Thomas 48-46 as the two go into the final days of campaigning before the special Democratic Left Party Congress this Saturday which will see one of them elected leader of the party. The polling, which was originally done last weekend and then […]

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Allman Strikes Deal with Ringrose; Drops Out of Race

Sanctus – The race to become the next leader of the Democratic Left Party took a new turn today when backbench MP Nicola Allman announced she would no longer be contesting the vote, and that she urged her supporters and voters to back Sanctus City Councillor Ethan Ringrose. The decision, in the final days of […]