Princess Ayana says “World needs stronger hand, shorter leash” at LIDUN meeting

During a routine LIDUN meeting, Princess Ayana delivered an address which, in part, called for the expansion of Doatia’s borders, and an increase in Doatian naval presence in the Tenebric Ocean and surrounding area, citing “regional instability”, including the Promethean Sea, South Xiomeran Sea, Nereus Sea, and the Gulf of Yukoni. More of her statement below: “Perhaps the world does require a “police force”. A strong nation willing to take on the responsibility of ensuring global stability. Due to reports of a increase in pirots in the Southern Ocean, and the loss of a Doatian ship in the Olympic Ocean,

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Doatian Special Election Update

(above) The Doa, Doatia’s currency. Following the abrupt removal, via a successful vote of confidence, of former Chancellor Bernadino and the selection of Shuri

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