Chrisintim Warns of Turbulent Economic Period

Sanctus – Commerce Secretary Julie Chrisintim has warned the public that Sanctaria’s usually thriving economy will likely go through a rather turbulent period over the remainder of the government’s term of office. Chrisintim was speaking at a government press conference discussion the 2015 Q4 tax intake predictions. She made the remark as part of her announcement that the government would be undertaking significant efforts to overhaul the Sanctarian economy, where currently the Goverment made up almost 65% of the national economy, and private business was just over 26%

As part of the government’s efforts, Chrisintim admitted, there may be a period where unemployment increases dramatically as the government downsizes. But she said she was confident this period would not last very long as private industries and business should move in to where the government pulls out and hire those who had found themselves out of work.

“Obviously we will seek to support those who find themselves out of work while we work on the restructuring of the economy”, Chrisintim said, “but the public are being forewarned and they need to know how important it is that we make these changes. The Government alone cannot sustain an economy.”

MATTHEW FALLON, Business Correspondent

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