Government Formally Requests Extradition of Eddington

Sanctus – Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Brian Young, this evening announced that the government would formally request Lauchenoiria to extradite Jasmine Eddington to Sanctaria. Eddington, whose extradition to Kerlile was blocked by Lauchenoirian courts on the grounds that her safety in the country could not be guaranteed, is a convicted serial killer whose victims include a Sanctarian citizen.

Eddington murdered over a dozen young boys in the Matriarchy of Kerlile between 2006 and 2009, including Denis Wickson, the thirteen year old son of Sanctarian academics who were doing research in the secretive, authoritarian country. Convicted of the crime, Eddington was sentenced to life in prison and was being transferred between two prisons when she escaped custody and managed to flee into Lauchenoiria.

Young confirmed the government decided to intervene after it was clear that Lauchenoiria, who like Sanctaria refuses to extradite individuals to countries that have the death penalty, would be forced to let the murdered go free failing the failed extradition attempt. “We are going to liaise with the Council of Kerlile, and agree for Eddington to serve her sentence that she was convicted of in Kerlile in a Sanctarian prison”, the Foreign Secretary told reporters today.

It is understood that the governments in both Kerlile and Lauchenoiria were amenable to the solution of Eddington being extradited to Sanctaria; sources in the Lauchenoirian government were eager to get rid of the problem, and Kerlile were eager to see her punished for her crimes. The family of Denis Wickson, who have since returned to Sanctaria, are also believed to have lobbied the government to ensure their son’s killer was not set free in another country.

GWEN COPLEY, Political Correspondent

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