Eddington Plane Disappears Over Gregories

Cristi – The jet carrying convicted murder Jasmine Eddington from Lauchenoiria to Sanctaria has disappeared over the Gregory Mountains, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed tonight. That it occured in Sanctarian territory will cause concern to the national intelligence agencies, as well as to the governments of Lauchenoiria and Kerlile, who were hoping for the extradition of Eddington to Sanctaria to be the end of a drawn-out saga.

The DHS also confirmed that in addition to Eddington, the Sanctarian jet also had two pilots and three prison officers on board, bringing the total missing to six people. According to sources, the plane disappeared from flight tracking radar not long after entering Sanctarian airspace, though as of yet initial investigation of the ground underneath the intended flight path has not yielded any information.

It is understood that the missing jet is causing significant concern in Kerlian and Lauchenoirian circles, with some fearing that Eddington somehow managed to redirect the plane and could be anywhere within the International Democratic Union. Officials from both DHS and the Sanctarian Intelligence Service have been dismissing such concerns saying that “it isn’t possible to fly under radar for extended periods of time like this and have no one spot you”.

Sources in the DHS, as well as the military intelligence arm of the Sanctarian Defence Forces, have disclosed there has been no indication of what they consider “military engagement” i.e. the plane wasn’t shot down, but “it is still too early to draw definitive conclusions”. The Secretary for Homeland Security, Kathryn Stewart, will be making more statements on the investigation as more information is cleared for release, her press spokesperson said this evening.

BRIAN DeNOBLE, Defence & Security Correspondent

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