Eddington Wreckage Found; No Survivors

Cristi – The government jet that disappeared returning from Lauchenoiria with convicted killer Jasmine Eddington has been found in the valleys of the Gregory Mountain range. The wreckage had five bodies in addition to that of Eddington, the Department of Homeland Security announced in a press conference today. Eddington was found handcuffed and locked in her jumpseat, giving rise to early suggestions that she had no part in the plane’s downfall.

Speaking outside of the DHS headquarters, Secretary Kathryn Stewart firstly apologised to Lauchenoiria, on behalf of the Sanctarian government, for “failing to guarantee the safe transportation of the prisoner in question”, but also committed the authorities would not “rest until we discover how and why the plane went down”.

Members of the Sanctarian Defence Forces, the Department of Homeland Security, the Sanctarian Federal Police, the Sanctarian Federal Prison Service, and intelligence areas have all convened on the site of the crash since it was discovered by Air Force jets early this morning. A significant security cordon is in place and all air traffic is being routed around the mountain range, causing significant disruption to flights through Sanctarian air space.

Secretary Stewart refused at her press conference earlier to be drawn on “hypotheticals” as to how the plane came down, and said that “all avenues of investigation are being explored”, but as previously disclosed by the Sanctarian National Times, the military already have seemingly ruled out the possibly the plane was shot down.

BRIAN DeNOBLE, Defence & Security Correspondent

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