Four Death Row Prisoners Escape

Four female prisoners who had been sentenced to death escaped two days ago, on the 21st December, from a prison facility in the Whitehills region. They were all scheduled to be executed on that date. Photographs have been issued, and residents of Kerlile have been warned to remain alert and to NOT approach the individuals if seen. They are all to be considered armed and dangerous.

The four women have been identified as Nisha Bannister, 56, Garnett Aiza, 34, Nelly Aurora, 23, and Doretta Pavlov, 39. It is thought they will attempt to flee the country. Information on all four has been released and anyone who knows anything about their location is asked to contact the Kerlian national police as soon as possible.

Nisha Bannister

Bannister was a member of the terrorist organisation the Kerlian Freedom Front and was arrested in 2007 after taking part in a plot to attack the Council Chambers. She is now fifty-six years old, and has no living family. Originally sentenced to life in a Level 8 detention facility, she was sentenced to death this year after killing a guard in an escape attempt during the restructuring of the prison system.

Garnett Aiza

Aiza was sentenced to death after attempting to aid in the escape of a number of male prisoners in February 2020. Seventeen police officers died in the failed escape attempt, and Aiza was arrested as the ringleader of the group who attempted the escape. After failing to cooperate with the authorities, Aiza was given a death sentence following a long, controversial trial.

Nelly Aurora

A former employee of the Kerlian Intelligence Service, Nelly Aurora is said to have led the escape attempt which resulted in numerous deaths. She was convicted of attempting to murder three Councillors and one other, and given a death sentence following a very public trial due to her alleged participation in a covert intelligence programme. She often goes by the Xiomeran name “Zichitla”.

Doretta Pavlov

Pavlov is a member of an organised crime group which operates in the Cherrytree region which borders both Kvask and Lauchenoiria. They are responsible for drug smuggling throughout the three nations and are known for killing anyone who disrupts their business. Pavlov was finally apprehended in mid-2020 and was convicted of twenty-seven separate murders, though it is estimated she has been responsible for far more.

Any resident of, or visitor to, Kerlile who sees one of these individuals must immediately contact the national police. It is unknown if the four are travelling in a group or individually. It is expected that Pavlov will attempt to contact her gang, and Cherrytree region has been placed on high alert, with a 9pm curfew in place for all residents. Security has also been increased by the Lauchenoirian and Kvaskm borders.

If you see one of these individuals, DO NOT APPROACH, and dial the police immediately.

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