Chancellor Announces Temporary Coalition

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The state of Political Uncertainty that has engulfed the past couple of weeks has come to a temporary end. Chancellor Lancaster announced a temporary government Coalition agreement late last night between the Greens, Moderate Lefts, Centrists, and Moderate Rights, as well as a small group of dissident Progressives. The agreement, coined “The Serso Agreement”, was the subject of two days of secret discussion over the impending Budget deadline on January 15th.

The agreement is the base of a temporary coalition, officially lasting until February 1st, designed to replace the Big Tent Party majority the Eclipse Party held before the Press Bribery controversy broke the shaky bonds that held the coalitions together. Both the Eclipse Party and the Formido Party have been officially dissolved, leaving a power vacuum the “Serso Coalition” hopes to fill.

Both The Moderate Right faction and the Progressive Faction have been split regarding this new coalition. A number of ModRight Senators have refused to attend the Serso Coalition Budget Negotiations, causing a new source of tension for the faction. The new Progressive Party Leadership have also declined to join, mainly because of rising tensions between the Progressive Faction and the Green Faction.


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