Huenyan Great Speaker Calls for Greater Unity in Caxcana

In his first major policy speech since becoming the new Great Speaker of Huenya, Texōccoatl has called for the nations of Caxcana to consider pursuing a “greater political, military and economic union” in response to what he called “an ongoing and extreme threat” from the Xiomeran Empire.

“Every nation, not just Huenya, is at risk as long as Xiomera is ruled by a tyrant who seeks to build an aggressively militaristic, fascist state that still has dreams of imperial domination,” Texōccoatl told the media during his speech. “The recent military expansions around eastern Caxcana by that regime, coupled with apparent efforts to pressure weaker nations around the IDU and gain political and economic influence, require a common and unified stance by other nations to stop them.”

Texōccoatl has called for the nations of Caxcana to begin signing multi-lateral agreements on trade, defense and research to ensure that “we are all able to stand together in the event of a threat, whether it is from the tyrannical and imperialist regime that has taken over Xiomera, or any other threat.” He added that both himself and Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli, the current Huenyan head of government, agree that this is a major policy priority. “We are open to talks with any friendly nation in Caxcana to discuss how we can ensure our mutual prosperity and security,” the Great Speaker added.

Xiomeran officials were quick to dismiss the Great Speaker’s speech as “a thinly veiled attempt by Texōccoatl to dupe other countries to help him with his delusional quest to force Huenyan control over Xiomera,” in the words of Xiomeran Prime Minister Toquihu. “Xiomera is no one’s enemy unless they make themselves our enemy. We only seek peaceful coexistence and mutual friendship and prosperity, and would urge the nations of Caxcana not to be fooled by Texōccoatl into continuing his mother’s mad quest for power on his behalf.”

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