Milintica strikes trade deal with Eiria

President Matōchmizalo speaks with MPP supporters about the deal

In an unexpected announcement, the Milintican government has confirmed that it has reached a trade deal with Eiria. The trade deal will allow Eirian companies to sell consumer goods and foodstuffs in Milintica. In return, Eirian companies will have access to Milintican natural resources which are scarce in Eiria, such as tin, lead and zinc.

“This trade deal is an expansion of our already ongoing efforts to expand the Milintican export market, particularly in raw materials. It is also the fulfillment of our promise to take tangible steps to improve living conditions in Milintica, and expand access to needed items for our citizens,” President Matōchmizalo said in announcing the trade deal. While the deal is expected to do much to revive the moribund Milintican economy, it has not been universally embraced by Matōchmizalo’s party, the dominant Milintica Peoples’ Party. Several far-left MPP members of the Representative Assembly demanded that the assembly reject the final trade agreement to no avail. The Milintican assembly approved the trade deal by a vote of 98-30, with two MPP representatives abstaining. Final approval is pending by the Eirian legislature.

“We should not be trading with capitalist countries at all, including Eiria. This sell-out is a complete betrayal of the MPP revolution and our promises to our people and to the world. Our resources belong to the Milintican people and are not for foreign exploitation,” Tua Keeti, a representative from Tereiti district, told DTNS. Keeti has pledged to either petition to recall President Matōchmizalo, or if that fails, to run in opposition to the president in the next MPP primaries in three years’ time. For his part, the president has dismissed critics like Keeti and insisted that the deal will be good for both countries. Matōchmizalo also had a blunt response to Keeti’s demand that Milintica not trade with capitalist countries: “Who would you like us to trade with then? How many socialist countries are there in the IDU? The Eirians have a good record on issues that matter to us, such as the environment and workers’ rights, so they are a good match. We must be flexible if we are to build the Milintica that our people deserve,” Matōchmizalo said. “Following the principles of the MPP revolution and our modern socialist approach is important, but excessive adherence to dogma over logic will doom us.”

The government of Milintica, on the heels of their trade deal with Eiria, has announced ambitions plans to promote a series of local food products and dining places to the international market.

The government has begun promoting a staple “meat analogue” dish, known as MiliMeat, to the international community. Based on soy and potato proteins, the product originated as a government ration in 2009 served in the National Canteens. “The MiliMeat product has undergone extensive research, development and improvement over the past decade,” Minister of Trade Tetlalli told DTNS. “It is practically indistinguishable from animal-based meat products, and is far more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. It is also nutritious and far better for humans, from a health standpoint, than red meat.” The product line has expanded from its original beef and ground meat offerings to include versions of meatballs, pork sausage and sausage links as well. The government believes that MiliMeat can make major inroads “anywhere where people are wanting to eat healthier and have a concern for the environment and for how animals are treated.” The expansion of the MiliMeat product is currently slated for Eiria and Manauia Island, with the government seeking permission to distribute the product in other countries.

The government is also seeking to expand its national institution, The Red Star Inn, to other countries as well. Previously known as the National Canteens, the Red Star Inn chain is famous for offering people affordable, healthy food. It originally began as a “national cafeteria” to provide basic meals for free to citizens, but has since expanded to become an actual restaurant chain owned by the Milintican government. Red Star Inns now offer a wide variety of dishes, including Huenyan and Paora staples. They have a sliding scale menu, charging people what they can afford to pay and still offering free meals to the indigent. They also offer a “My Meal, Your Meal” program where people can buy meals for their poorer fellow citizens.

“We feel that a restaurant chain that is affordable and serves healthy, good quality food with a conscience and compassion, is a concept that could be welcome in many nations,” Tetlalli said. The government will begin with seeking planning permission to begin opening restaurants in Eiria and Manauia Island, with Huenya next on the list. “Once we get established in other countries and show the proof of concept, and that it can work, we hope other nations will be interested in opening some of their own.”

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