New Security Council Power Receives Widespread Welcome

World Assembly HQ – A proposal by the World Assembly Secretariat introducing a new form of non-binding resolution to be wielded by the Security Council has received widespread welcome from across the political divide in the international body. The new power to declare a non-binding opinion of the Security Council on international matters is poised to be formally introduced by the Secretariat in July of this year.

The new Declaration power will allow nations to propose that the Security Council take a stance on certain political, humanitarian, or inter/intra-regional conflict matters, albeit a stance that must be non-binding. This means that the Security Council may likely vote to urge nations take certain actions in certain matters, or praise/scorn international developments from a specific viewpoint, but unlike resolutions passed by its sister chamber the General Assembly, nations are free to disregard such opinions should they so choose.

Sanctarian Ambassador to the World Assembly, Dr. Katherine Saunders, has expressed cautious welcome of the new developments, but added that “it remains to be seen whether this power will take away from the workings of the General Assembly. What we don’t want is nations making declaratory statements in the Security Council that are non-binding on rogue states instead of utilising the legislative function of the General Assembly to enact real and lasting change”.

Saunders, who has continued the Divine Federation’s stance of non-participation in the Security Council – despite the nation having been commended by that body – did say that her Mission would be closely watching how the Declaration power unfolded and was used before making any determination whether or not to recommend reopening a presence in the chamber. “The Security Council is a different kettle-of-fish to the General Assembly. It exists only to pacify national leaders with big egos, and I’m not yet convinced this new non-binding power will make any great change to that”, she explained.

The Secretariat have yet to confirm when exactly they’ll begin accepting the first submissions of proposed resolutions under the new category, but this paper understands that many delegations have already begun authoring initial draft proposals.

KIM TOWERS, World Assembly Correspondent

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