Huenya, Milintica sign mutual agreements

Grundhavish cargo ship being loaded with aid for Auria

The governments of Huenya and Milintica have signed mutual agreements on trade and defense, in a move seen as countering the growing influence of Xiomera in the Caxcana region.

“These agreements help further restore the ties between the Huenyan diaspora in Milintica and their historic homeland, and also further the recent cooperation between our respective states,” Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli of Huenya said at the signing. The agreements are the first major act related to the call by Great Speaker Texōccoatl for greater cooperation between the states of Caxcana in response to moves by Xiomera.

“On the heels of our recent trade deal with Eiria, this connection to Huenya will allow us to mutually grow in a beneficial manner. They also present a reaffirmation to the Xiomeran Empire that we remain steadfast in our opposition to their imperialistic tyranny,” President Matōchmizalo of Milintica said at the signing, which was held in Chuaztlapoc.

The agreements remove trade barriers between Huenya and Milintica, and grant each other favored trade status. In return, Huenya has agreed to adopt protections for workers and for the environment that were seen as important to Milintica. The Milintican government had already agreed to grant Eiria preferred trade status as part of their trade agreement with that nation.

The agreements also formalize the alliance between Huenya and Milintica that had emerged during the Xiomeran civil war, and require each state to come to the defense of the other in the event of an unprovoked attack. The agreements will also allow for technological and resource sharing between the two countries, a point seen as likely to help Milintica improve its antiquated military. Huenya had previously agreed to mutual defense and technological research with Eiria earlier this year.

While the Milintican Representative Assembly has already approved the agreements, final adoption will not occur until after the new Huenyan legislature is seated following their upcoming elections in December. The agreements are considered provisional at this time, pending approval by the new legislators.

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