Xiomera withdraws from World Assembly

The Xiomeran Empire has officially withdrawn from the World Assembly, in a move that is being seen as further evidence of that nation flouting international norms.

“After review of our international commitments, it was determined that membership in the World Assembly was not in line with Xiomeran values,” Prime Minister Toquihu told the media today. “In addition, the resolutions passed by the World Assembly were being used by the enemies of the Empire to try to pressure us into compliance with their agenda, rather than our own. Therefore, we had no choice but to withdraw.”

When asked what was meant by “our own agenda,” the Prime Minister responded by saying that henceforth, the Empire will strictly pursue an agenda that “puts Xiomera and Xiomerans first.”

“It is becoming increasingly clear that certain nations are bent on pursuing an agenda that attempts to restrain the natural growth and progress of our nation, in some kind of ‘containment’ strategy to hobble us in order to maintain their own position. We must therefore move forward with our own strategy of taking whatever steps are necessary to keep Xiomera rising. We will dispense with alliances, agreements and foreign ties that do not benefit our people or our nation, while strengthening existing ties and forming new ties with other nations for mutual benefit and progress,” the Prime Minister said.

In a related story, the Huenyan Federation has officially joined the World Assembly, joining its first international body. “The ascension of Huenya to the World Assembly is just one step cementing our independence and our emergence onto the world stage, as a recognized and legitimate member of the community of nations,” Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli said. “It also reaffirms our commitment to democracy and cooperation, which we consider a marked contrast to the autocracy rapidly descending into fascism just to our east.”

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