Lauchenoiria Signs Agreement to Formally Ally with Aurian Government-in-Exile

The Lauchenoirian Government today signed a modified version of the Lapointe Agreement, bringing Lauchenoiria into a formal alliance with the Aurian exiles alongside Eiria. This confirms rumours that Alvarez’s government would act against the Cordonnier government in Auria, who earlier this month carried out a coup in the Caxcanan state, executing Prime Minister Lapointe and his wife; after whom the Agreement is named.

The Lapointe Agreement was initially signed between the Democratic Republic of Eiria and the Aurian government-in-exile led by interim Prime Minister Arquette and Queen Regnant Sophie, giving Eiria jurisdiction in Auria when either authorised by Auria or accompanied by Aurian forces. The modified version of the Agreement includes Lauchenoiria on the same terms as Eiria and thus allows Lauchenoirian forces to operate in Aurian territory under those conditions.

Following the signing of the Agreement, a protest was held outside the Lauchenoirian Federal Parliament by Pacifist groups and a small number of pro-Cordonnier individuals. No arrests took place and the gathering contained less than a thousand people, far fewer compared to similar protests in the past. A vote in Parliament on the matter passed easily, with the Green-Pacifist Alliance abstaining on the vote and only Lauchenoiria First voting against due to allegations that “Queen Sophie is an Aurora”.

Prime Minister Alvarez addressed Parliament and the nation following the confirmatory vote, saying: “It saddens me that we have to take these measures. In the past several years there has been far too much unrest in far too many countries. This has to end now. We do not sign this agreement lightly; every action we take in Auria will be carefully measured and designed to cause the minimum amount of harm and disruption to Aurian civilians. We stand against the Cordonnier government and all forces who think coup d’états are a valid way to gain power. This pattern of coups must end.”

No forces have been deployed to Auria or the surrounding area as of yet; but it is expected a naval deployment of unknown size will set off within the coming weeks, depending on discussions with the government-in-exile and Eiria. President Emilia Obando is expected to make a state visit to Eiria soon to discuss the matter in person with Queen Sophie, Prime Minister Arquette, Chancellor Lancaster, and any other party who later signs an agreement to assist the Aurian exiles.

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