Massive “Day Without Fear” in Huenya

A week after a series of terrorist attacks by ethnic Xiomerans opposed to the formation of an independent Huenya, citizens of that country took to the streets in a huge show of support for the beleaguered Huenyan government.

An estimated 600,000 people in seven major Huenyan cities, as well as smaller communities and rural areas, took part in an hourlong protest beginning at 9:00 am Huenyan time. The organizers of the protest, a nonprofit organization called Huenya United, began planning the “Day Without Fear” protest the day after the attacks by the Golden Blade terror group. Even they admit, however, that they did not expect the massive response.

“The incredible number of people that showed up to the rallies sends one very loud and clear message: Huenyans will not let these terrorists intimidate them,” Ninahuamán, the leader of Huenya United, told DTNS. “We are not afraid of the Golden Blade. We will not bow to their threats or their violence. We will stand up together, Huenyans of all ethnicities and backgrounds, and fight together to defeat them.”

The Huenyan government, while also caught off guard by the huge rallies, was quick to show support. In the Huenyan capital Chuaztlapoc, Great Speaker Texōccoatl addressed the crowds. “Seeing all of you here, standing together for our dream of a Huenya united in peace and equality, gives me tremendous hope for our future. It shows that Huenyans are ready to move forward together, and that no throwbacks to the past will stop us.”

At the Chuaztlapoc rally, the Great Speaker took the opportunity to introduce the newly created Huenyan Civil Guard. The Civil Guard is a volunteer, ethnically mixed force made up of citizens in local communities who swear to support the Huenyan police and military in their efforts to stabilize and secure the country. The first unit of the Civil Guard, the 1st Chuaztlapoc Battalion, was presented to cheers from the crowd.

Members of the 1st Chuaztlapoc Battalion of the Civil Guard

In Ixtenco, Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli also spoke to the crowds. “All of us, gathered here together, unafraid, send this message to the Golden Blade and whoever is aiding them: you are vastly outnumbered. Millions of Huenyans will fight you, and we will win. You are outnumbered, and your days are numbered.”

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