Terrorists attack Yauhmi estate

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Xomaxtli Hill, the private estate of Huenyan queen mother Yauhmi, came under attack by terrorists linked to the Golden Blade organization early Tuesday morning. The attack has spurred intense criticism of the interim Huenyan government due to the deteriorating security situation in the country.

The attack on Xomaxtli Hill began between 3:00 and 4:00 am Huenyan time, according to Cuetlancaona, the Director of the Federal Intelligence Service. “The attack was repelled without any harm coming to the nantzintli, and the estate was quickly secured thanks to the intervention of several individuals staying at the estate, the estate security team, and reinforcements from the Chuaztlapoc garrison,” the Director told DTNS. While Huenyan officials have tried to portray the attack on Xomaxtli Hill as a minor incident, witnesses at the scene told DTNS that there were dozens of terrorists and guards killed during the attack. The perimeter wall and main courtyard of Xomaxtli Hill also suffered significant damage after a truck bomb was detonated during the attack, according to witnesses.

Speaking after the attack, Yauhmi said that “further violence will only divide our people and our nation, and accomplish nothing but more sadness and desperation.” She called for national reconciliation and urged other Xiomeran Huenyans to help the government by turning in those suspected of being part of the Golden Blade or other terrorist organizations. Security has reportedly been highly increased at Xomaxtli Hill, with additional Federal Police and FIS agents being deployed along with Huenyan Army units.

The incident, along with attacks on Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli, Great Speaker Texōccoatl and his wife Tlalmaxxi, and dozens of other Huenyan politicians and security personnel, has caused an uproar among Huenyan citizens. It has also given ample campaign fodder for the Vice-Speaker’s opponents in the Huenyan elections. Acxopotl, Vice-Speaker candidate of the Party of Huītzilōpōchtli, called Tiacihitli “a weak leader, leading a weak state that can’t even protect its own leaders, much less our people”. Acxopotl called for the resignation of both the Vice-Speaker and the FIS Director “for gross incompetence.” Both the Vice-Speaker and the FIS Director, speaking separately to DTNS, confirmed that they have no intention of resigning.

Tiacihitli and his administration are now facing criticism from within his own party as well. Some members of the Unification Party have openly begun to disavow the previous position of the party emphasizing non-violence and reconciliation. A dissident group within the party, led by a candidate for the Chamber of Deputies named Anquencatl, has called for the Unification Party to shift its stance to emphasize security rather than rehabilitation for those in Huenya opposed to the formation of an independent state.

A noticeable rift has appeared in recent days between the Vice-Speaker and Great Speaker Texōccoatl as well. Until the most recent wave of attacks, the Great Speaker was mostly in line with Tiacihitli’s line of rehabilitation and reconciliation to counter opposition among ethnic Xiomerans to the Huenyan state. But after Tuesday’s attack, the Great Speaker said that Huenya “must, and will, mobilize all of its resources, powers and forces to crush this terrorist insurgency, and rip it out of our nation by its roots.” Texōccoatl is reportedly discussing a possible increased security or military response to deal with the Golden Blade threat.

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