Facing a major threat, Huenya’s Great Speaker goes on the offensive

With a major terrorist insurgency threatening his nascent nation, Great Speaker Texōccoatl of Huenya appears to be taking the lead in formulating a response – and going on the offensive.

Today, the Great Speaker held a press conference outlining a series of new measures Huenya will be taking in response to the Golden Blade terrorist group and the insurgency they are leading against Huenya’s government. The Huenyan government will sharply ramp up recruiting for its new Civil Guard, and give them expanded investigation and arrest powers. The Huenyan government will also sharply increase recruiting for the Federal Intelligence Service, and begin working with the intelligence services of other nations to counter the insurgents. Huenya will also set up a terrorism hotline for the FIS, and begin offering financial incentives for those who provide leads on terrorist group members and activities that lead to arrests.

The biggest, and most controversial, measure that Huenya will take will be to greatly expand the role of the CNRR, its truth and reconciliation commission. The CNRR is headquartered in Chuaztlapoc, and until now, that was its sole location. Under the new program, the CNRR will create satellite offices in each major Huenyan city, and is expected to quadruple the number of investigations under its purview. The CNRR will also be given expanded powers to investigate, detain and try those suspected of terrorism or having sympathies with the Xiomeran regime, in conjunction with the Federal Police. The CNRR will also begin working with the Federal Police to weed insurgents and their sympathizers out of the Huenyan security forces and out of government positions as well. The recent insider attack on the Great Speaker and his wife, in which two police officers tried to assassinate them, is believed to be fueling that measure.

The measures are being undertaken at the Great Speaker’s order, and during today’s press conference, there was no mention of Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli or his administration. It is believed that the Vice-Speaker does not approve of the new measures, but facing declining poll numbers, has chosen not to contest them. Further weaking the Vice-Speaker’s position, a recent vote by the Unification Party National Committee overrode his objection and issued a resolution calling for a firmer security response.

“With their spree of violence, the Golden Blade and those who sympathize with them have taken the gloves off. Today, the Huenyan Federation answers them in kind,” Texōccoatl told the media today. International observers have noted that Huenya will be treading a fine line between maintaining security and promoting democracy and reconciliation with the new measures.

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