New Study shows many Demographic Trends

The Prince Gonzalez College of Govermeant

A recent study from the Prince Gonzalez College of Government that was designed to survey populations across the Slokais Region, showed that as a country Mallacalands’ population decreased from just over 1.2 million to around 750,000. This is mainly because of the civil war that has left hundreds of thousands displaced and thousands killed. The study estimates that these people mostly moved to Slokais Islands but also various other countries as well. Dolphin Isle (The main arrival location from Mallacaland) is home to much of that population. Although the civil war is over the country is still unstable as most of the country needs to rebuild. Meanwhile, the Provinces of San Fernando South and Silverado saw the most population growth, as trends show internal movement from Kaijan and the Outer Islands onto the main San Fernando Island. 

These had been mainly caused by the slow decrease of the fishing industry as new jobs within the technological and manufacturing sector grew on San Fernando Island. This has been a trend for the last decade as new environmental policies and job programs move workers toward more highly skilled labor. Towns like Siller for example in the Northern Islands have been halved in population in the last 15 years. This push in jobs fueled the New Right Party growth in these areas as well as in Point Lee and major economic hubs that were affected the most. However, this growth of highly educated people grew among the Green Party and the pro-union Socialist Party. 

Racially the new study also shows growth among mixed-race people as well as Costeno populations. This study also included a growth among those who are non-religious from 25% to 32% from 2012. The number of Catholics also dropped, while the Mountain Minjian Faith remained around the same. While Muslims grew as the mostly-Muslim island of Kaijan saw population growth.

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