Caxcanan Alliance Announced

During a regularly scheduled press conference this morning, Chancellor William Lancaster unveiled the formation of an international alliance between Eiria, Huenya, Milintica, and the exile government of Cape Auria. This alliance, dubbed the “Union of Caxcanan States”, was described by the Chancellor as a “Groundbreaking diplomatic, economic, and military union, set at uniting and preserving a Democratic Caxcana.”

“This is a brave new step into an era of prosperity for the democracies of Caxcana. We have overcome years of adversity and strife to get here. Now, we can be united in our diversity, and have our freedoms truly guaranteed. We now stand united against those who wish to tear us down and those who view us as weak. We stand united, we stand strong, and we stand free.”

Other international leaders have also been quite vocal regarding the announcement. ”The formation of the Caxcanan Union is an affirmation of the democratic aspirations both of the Huenyan people, and the greater continent. Together, we will help build and secure a free and democratic world.” Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli of Huenya commented.

President Matōchmizalo also spoke about the announcement. ”Milintica is proud to stand with other free nations of Caxcana to help promote democracy and freedom throughout the continent and beyond. This is just the beginning of the potential for the Caxcanan Union, as we hope other nations on the continent will join us. I cannot think of a better wedding present for a certain tyrant than this, as we stand together against the specter of imperialism.” 

Along with this announcement, the Lancaster administration released the proposed administrative structure of the Union of Caxcanan States, which had been debated during a secretive meeting on October 6th. It details economic and diplomatic benefits for citizens of the UCS, such as faster customs when traveling within the Union, and freedom to travel and work within the UCS. Joint university programs were also among the benefits, a point which brought a great amount of elation in Eirian political circles.

Not all reaction to the announcement was positive, however. Stephen Davis, leader of the Free Moderate Conservative party, denounced the administration and diplomatic aspects of the union. “Despite the wrapping, the consequences of this union will heavily outweigh the benefits. Creating extensive bureaucracy for the benefits of ‘Unity and Freedom’ won’t help a single Eirian. In addition, expedited border controls leave our citizens vulnerable to foreign attacks. If Lancaster thinks that those risks are worth taking, that’s his choice. But I would not be so laissez-faire with our citizens’ lives.”

In addition to the plans, the Chancellor announced that October 21st be declared “Unity Day”, a proposed Union-wide holiday meant to “celebrate the united diversity of Caxcana”. These extensive plans will have to be approved by the Eirian Senate before they can go into effect in Eiria, but according to Speaker Lira Nerala, a number of Senate debates and negotiations on the Union are already underway.

Additional information may be posted as this story develops.

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