Manauia Island expresses CU interest

The government of Manauia Island has expressed a formal interest in joining the Caxcanan Union, following a meeting of that nation’s officials.

“Manauia Island believes in democracy, free and fair trade, and the growth of shared values and beliefs. As such, we would be highly interested in joining with our fellow democratic nations in Caxcana in forging a better future,” Tanqui, the leader of Manauia Island, told the media today. It is expected that Manauia Island will offer to allow CU negotiators to come to the island to discuss such plans within the next few weeks. If Manauia Island is accepted, it will become the fifth nation to join the alliance. Some Xiomerans on the island, however, have expressed concern about the island aligning itself in the growing cold war between Xiomera and its neighbors.

The Caxcanan Union was formed recently by the nations of Eiria, Huenya and Milintica, along with the exile government of Cape Auria. The economic and military alliance is seen as a bulwark against the growing ambitions of the Xiomeran Empire. For now, other than a trade deal with Shuell, Xiomera has not yet responded in kind. Xiomera’s Prime Minister, Toquihu, suggested that the Empire has a few plans of its own in the works. “When certain scheming nations in our neighborhood are intent on forming an alliance blatantly aimed at us, we cannot simply be expected to sit and do nothing in response. Rest assured that the Empire will have a response for this.”

Huenyan TRC makes major arrest

Officers of the SIPS outside Necuatexi Palace

In a surprise action, the Special Investigative and Prosecutorial Service (SIPS) has arrested the leader of the Necatli region, Huacue, and charged him with war crimes.

The charges stem from an incident in October 2020, during the Xiomeran Civil War and Huenya’s fight to gain independence from Xiomera. The SIPS has laid charges accusing Huacue of ordering two subordinates to execute an unarmed Xiomeran Army commander who had surrendered, without any opportunity of a trial. If found guilty, Huacue would be forced to abdicate his position as ruler of the Necatli. He could also face a lengthy prison term, or even execution.

“The actions of Huacue, and those who obeyed his orders, are textbook examples of war crimes,” Secretary of Justice Xochica told the media today. “The SIPS, on orders from the Committee for National Reunification, detained him today to stand trial for those crimes. We have ample evidence, including cell phone video and multiple confessions, showing that he did order this criminal act.”

Spokespeople for tlatoani Huacue would not give any statement regarding the charges, only confirming that his son, Macochu, would lead the Necatli in his father’s absence. The spokespeople for the Necatli leadership also accused the Huenyan government of targeting Huacue because of his major role in forcing Yauhmi, the former Great Speaker of Huenya, to step down following a failed raid on the Xiomeran security headquarters which she had sponsored without informing the government.

Huenyan officials denied that claim, saying that it was meant to distract people from the alleged crimes committed by Huacue. “The motto of the SIPS is ‘no one is above justice, and we are justice’. The SIPS has lived up to that motto. These charges prove Huenya’s commitment to ensure that the law applies to everyone equally, regardless of noble birth, power, wealth or position. No one shall be above the law in Huenya. And no one who committed war crimes, or crimes against humanity, shall escape justice here.”

As a member of the Chamber of Executives, the noble branch of Huenya’s legislature, Huacue is the most high-powered figure to date to be brought up on charges by the CNR. It is unclear how the Necatli people, or their leadership, will yet react to the arrest of their ruler. Some have expressed concern that the Necatli, the group of Huenyans most discontented with the current state of affairs in the country, could decide to leave the Huenyan state. For now, however, no move in that direction is apparent, and Necatli leaders appear to be trying to keep their people calm.

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