A new player enters the Caxxana tensions

Huscar has long been known as a nation of exclusion and mystery, yet today that mystery was broken when Sapa Huscar, the religious head of state spoke to the Realm Council, the administrative body of Huscar Sun. Although the video was from a week ago, it was shared with the media. Over the last month, Caxcana has seen escalations, the Caxcana Alliance has been formed, Xiomera strengthens its ties. In the middle of the region is Huscar Sun. With Eiria and Cape Auria to the west, Millintca to the southeast, Legonias to the north. All of those have seen political tension in the past. Using this is as reasoning Sapa Huscar Amaru has announced that ships will move into the waters of the Nearus Sea. 

He stated that “To defend Huscarian interest and defense, we must move to control key points”. This is an unusual step for Huscar Sun who often takes a backseat to affairs, but with the coup in Cape Auria, and rumors of interior tensions in Huscar Sun, this may be a move to keep control. He also called out “Xiomera has also continued its expansion, we must face our enemy head-on”. 

He later called any conflict with Xiomera “Would be a holy war, Were we would prove the power of Hus over there false gods” 

Huscar has seen a period of mobilization and a path away from isolationism. For much of its history, Huscar has been a strong isolationist empire, in the 1970s it invaded some of its smaller neighbors such as Hahnti in the south. In 2017, a new Sapa took control in a power struggle and has pushed for rapid technological development and a look towards other nations. 

Soon, after the news broke to the world, reports stated the Huscarian ships had passed into the Nearus Sea. Video from Suyn Central showed the military being gathered outside the Central Temple, with Sapa Huscar watching them gather. Propaganda from around the country has shown factories going into overdrive, military standing guard, and a tunnel being quickly built. Many experts seem to agree that Huscar may have been preparing for this moment for months, maybe years. 

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