Angeli Celebrations Begin

Many burning candles with shallow depth of field

The Unitist holiday of Angeli is here once again, and the streets of Eiria are lit up with vivid colors and shining lights. In Geminus, many streetlights are decked out with the red, green, blue, yellow, and white shades that are associated with this holiday. Liberty Square was packed with Angeli choirs trying to outdo each others’ performances in the famous “Duel of Carols”. Up in New Riga, the city’s Harbor Holiday festival kicked off in full force this morning, attended by thousands of citizens and tourists looking for a fun-filled way to spend the holiday.

And in Nuceda, Unitism’s most holy city, the Unitist Pope Angelica I led the morning mass in the Church of the Angels, kicking off the city’s vibrant festival. Unitist faithful dressed in traditional robes filled the streets as bands played and choirs sang. Thousands of tourists poured into Nuceda as well, looking to experience the city’s renowned holiday celebration. Security around the town has been drastically increased, in order to protect those who attend this prestigious festival. 

As the large festivals of the day wind down to a close, the holiday will take on a more personal feel as people rush home to gather with their families. A majority of restaurants and shops are closed for the holiday, so many families spend Angeli at home instead. Unfortunately enough, hospitals around Eiria see a spike in cooking-related accidents on Angeli and the adjacent days, so the Ministry of Public Health has published numerous warnings and instructions intended to keep those who celebrate this holiday safe.

Angeli holds a variety of different meanings to its adherents. For some, it’s a chance to be with family, eat good food, and make fond memories. For others, it is a serious religious holiday that requires dutiful prayer and respect. But through this diversity of interpretation, the colorful culture of Angeli shines. These vibrant festivals coexist with small family gatherings, giving the multifaceted holiday a kind of balance and harmony. The history and tradition of Angeli is expressed in its diversity and versatility, and to many Eirians, the holiday is what you make of it.

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