Woodstrom Declines to Run for Re-Election

Sanctus – President of the Divine Federation of Sanctaria, Marian Woodstrom, yesterday evening confirmed that she would not be seeking re-election in the upcoming April 2022 federal Presidential election. Woodstrom, who has served as President since May 2012, also declined to suggest potential successors, saying that was a determination for the Sanctarian people.

Woodstrom indicated that she believed ten years is enough for someone to serve in one role, and that in her view it would be a disservice to democracy and to Sanctaria for her to continue in the role for another ten years. “Presidents of Sanctaria are honored with a term of office for ten years. For ten years we get to represent and defend the Sanctarian people and Sanctarian constitution. To continue in that role for longer for ten years would be, to be, depriving those same good people of the opportunity for someone with different insights and a different energy to represent them. Change is good.”

Formerly a Governor of a former Sanctarian colony, Munsteran, Woodstrom was elected President with over 65% of the vote in 2012. When asked what she plans to do in retirement, Woodstrom indicated that she would perhaps go on the speaking circuit, or may consider going into academia. At 72, she said, she thinks staying in politics would be “a little exhausting”.

Chancellor Charlene Hendry, whose Democratic Left Party endorsed and nominated Woodstrom for President ten years ago, paid tribute to the outgoing President, thanking her for her “mammoth work” over the previous decade. Similar tributes have already flocked in from politicians of all hues, including Governors, Premiers, the Leader of the Federal Opposition, and past Prime Ministers of the Divine Republic.

Woodstrom’s announcement will come as a surprise to many in the political establishment. Both the DLP and the SCP had not intended to run opponents against Woodstrom had she decided to run again, such is her popularity and respect across the political spectrum, and will now scramble to find candidates before the April election.

JOEY SESSIONS, Political Editor

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