Tribal Council Elections

What is the Tribal Council?

The Tribal Council was created in 2009, by Sean Khan to help better represent the 1.2 million people who identify with 22 various diverse ethnic groups. It passed the House with a 435-208 margin and co-exists with it. It is in charge of matters that affect people within the 22 tribes such as fishing regulations, language requirements, anything that affects tribal people directly has to be passed by the Tribal Council, the tie-breaker is the VP. However, this semi-vague purpose had led to cases within the Supreme Court. It remained a key part of tribal issues and has let major parties appeal to a new demographic. The Council had elections for all 22 members every 4 years, so in 2009, 2013, 2017, and 2021.

What is the party breakdown?

There are 22 members of the Tribal Council, they are each affiliated with a party, there is no government and opposition instead the Chair of the Council is elected by a majority of members at the start of each session. There are 9 members from the Green Party, there are 3 members from Socialist-Labor, 4 members from the National Alliance, 2 from Muslim Union, 1 from Centrists, and 3 from Green and Blue, an indigenous rights party from the Western Isles. Right now the current head is Jian Liu of the Green Party, and the current member from the Hui Tribal Group, who mostly live in the San Fernando Mountains. 

How are members elected?

Members of the Council are elected from all members of a certain tribal group. Most members are usually from areas of tribal authority, general areas where their languages are required on signs such as Slokaisan, and most tribal offices are located in these. To become a member of a tribe you must have at least one grandparent or parent who is part of the tribe. If you are a member over 18 years of age you are allowed to vote for a person to represent the interests of your tribe. Thus ballots for people outside of tribal areas are requested at polling stations, and every voting machine is able to incorporate Tribal Council elections onto the ballot.

Overall, the Tribal Council is a unique body meant to represent tribal people who have often been left out of regular politics, although its received criticism, mainly from the New Right and other Slokaisan Nationalists. It still holds an important place within the Govermeant of Slokais Islands.

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