2021 Elections in Slokais Review

The 2021 Slokaisan Elections saw many things happen, first of all, an upset in North Princeton. Nathan Martin-Zhao has won against Robert Bond in two rounds by just under 500 votes, after 2 days of recounts. This is a shock as Martin-Zhao of the Green Party was in third, but he benefited from Centrist second-choice votes to get him just past Bond of the New Right Party. Bond was forced to concede but is demanding re-election though it’s unlikely there is nothing suggesting there was corruption at play in this election. Martin-Zhao becomes the first left-wing candidate to win a provincewide election since the 1990s.

Meanwhile, in North Kaijan, Mohamed Chang-Yeo of the Kaijan Peoples Party has won against Muslim Union and Nadjib Razak after the National Alliance dropped out and supported the KPP who has already agreed to ally with the National Alliance after the Muslim Union left the government coalition as the party splits between the KPP and the Muslim that has left 10 Muslim Union MPs left. This along with other victories has left the Legislature split 323-320. The KPP and their 4 seats are the first for the left-wing Kaijanese nationalist party.

In New Liverpool 42nd, Rowan Acuna has won 56% to 44% over Socialist-Labor in a result that most expected. These 3 races mean that going in 2022 is closer than ever despite a recent poll showing that if the elections were held now the Govermeant Coalition would get 57% of the vote, meaning that in 2022 if elections are held the Govermeant would make massive gains. So going into the February 1st vote it looks that will be a 2022 Election.

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