Resolution Success for Sanctarian WA Ambassador

World Assembly HQ – A resolution to regulate the use of office by law enforcement officers that was co-authored by the Sanctarian delegation was passed by the General Assembly of the World Assembly early this morning with 11,403 votes in favour to 3,631 votes against. The resolution was a combined effort of the delegations from Tinhampton, Greater Cesnica, and Sanctaria, with the Tinhampton delegation leading the endeavor.

The resolution is Sanctarian Ambassador to the World Assembly Dr. Katherine Saunders’ first resolution, and comes after a number of years of government policy to advise on, negotiate, and refine current WA law rather than attempt to introduce any new material. A spokesperson for Dr. Saunders played down the Sanctarian contribution and said that the Ambassador “was happy to assist the primary delegations on this matter” and “is glad that Sanctaria could refine the law in a way that was amenable to its government aims”.

LEO Force Regulations mandates a number of requirement for all World Assembly nations that are already in force in Sanctaria, including among other things, the use of body cameras, mandated carrying of non-lethal weapons in addition to guns that many police forces carry, and it requests that no law enforcement officer should be on patrol alone.

It is the seventh resolution passed in the World Assembly that was written wholly, or in part, by the Sanctarian delegation.

KIM TOWERS, World Assembly Correspondent

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