A Presidential Challenge in the Conservative Party

Brooke Weasley the former president of Slokais Islands from 1994-2000 is running for the Conservative Party Nomination for President. Wesley herself lost in 2000 by 18,000 votes and since then has started a think-tank called Restore Slokais. They have created papers against both the Zhang and Chavez administrations and have even gone against Conservative Party Leader: George Oliver. In a speech last week, Weasley called for the end of “big city government”.

Her main support is with rural conservatives compared to Oliver who is part of the business community, the Conservatives have lost seats in recent elections and many within the party have called for this to change. Since 2012, the party has split into factions, the New Right saw gains in 2016, 2018, and 2020, the New Conservatives in 2021 even the Northern Alliance in 2011. No longer are they part of a two-way race between the Conservatives and The Left Party, Centrist voters are more and more coming from suburban voters. In her speech Weasley called out to Oliver directly “Oliver this is no longer your party, 2022 is the year we take it back”. 

In response to this, Oliver said “No, you are not the future, you are its troubled past” in a tweet. The two camps seem to be at odds with each other as Conservative MPs are forced to pick the way forward. Weasley continues to support anti-union policy, free-market economics and a reversal of recent international policy. In some early polling Weasley has 35% popularity in just a week. Weasley is expected to drive turnout among rural voters and could be a factor in turnout there. 

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