Seventeen Arrests as Doberman Addresses Pacifist Gathering

Seventeen people have been arrested in the Lauchenoirian capital of Buttercity after controversial far-right Lauchenoiria First leader Paul Doberman made a surprise appearance at an anti-war protest taking place outside of the Federal Parliament. Police monitoring the demonstration called for backup after protesters attempted to force Doberman to leave after he refused to hand a microphone back to organisers.

The anti-war demonstration was organised by a group opposed to Lauchenoirian participation in the current naval blockade of Cape Auria following a coup d’état in the Caxcanan nation in June 2021. Lauchenoiria vowed action following the violent transfer of power, in order to restore the rightful government of Auria led by Queen Sophie, and “send a message that this current pattern of coups and violence must end”. 

Doberman was not scheduled to speak at the protest, however pushed his way onto the stage halfway through speeches and began to address the crowd about “Huenyan aggression” and warning the Lauchenoirian public that if they side with “Huenya and their Kerlian agent pets” then the Xiomeran Empire will be forced to take action “for the good of everyone”. Doberman went on to claim that Huenya is secretly run by Auroras, Kerlian sleeper agents who are raised from toddlerhood to infiltrate foreign countries.

Protesters were unhappy with Doberman’s interjection, shouting at him to leave the stage and accusing him of spreading Xiomeran propaganda. Organisers approached Doberman, asking him to leave, however he refused, snatching a microphone off of an organiser and beginning to yell about “Aurora infiltration”. Organisers then attempted to cut off power to the amplifier, but were shoved aside by a group of Lauchenoiria First members who had accompanied Doberman.

Police who had been watching the protest as part of their standard duties protecting the Federal Parliament contacted reinforcements as the two groups wrestled for control of the microphone. Police ordered crowds to disperse, and arrested those who refused to do so. In total, seventeen arrests were made including four Lauchenoiria First members; eleven participants in the pacifist gathering and two minors.

A spokesperson from the Pacifist Party spoke to the Lauchenoirian Guardian condemning the violent outbreak, stating that “no pacifist should allow themselves to succumb to temptation, no matter what those who disagree with us may say”. Paul Doberman, on the contrary, replied to a request for comment saying “I’m not gonna talk to you Kerlile-loving feminist lefties when you twist my words and let Auroras tell you what to write.”

Those arrested will appear in court in the middle of February.

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