Party Primaries in Slokais

In every election party lists will be constructed based on votes from people registered to that party, party affiliation can be changed at any time if one confirms with the SIEC(Slokais Islands Election Commission) 10,000 people have declared to run for various positions, then for each province members of the party vote for the party list, if its an election such a Provincial Governor or Township Mayor, Across the country this week local primary meetings are held were members vote in a caucus system, some held in large event centers some in smaller spaces.

We go to Newport the capital of Silverado Province, the small town of 25,000 will hold state conventions from most parties, the State Convention for the Green Party will be the most attended as the party as the main-left wing party in the mostly rural province, the home of Sean Khan, two candidates from the Green Party are running for Provincial Governor. Micheal Lee was a lawyer from the coastal, urban San Luis, then Daniella Gonzalez from a rural mountainous area known as Grey Hills. The two represent the two camps of the party, well-educated liberal voters vs rural working-class voters, in recent polls Lee was polling at 54%. However, it will be up to the party members in attendance and at various polling locations to decide the elections. These local events will send representatives based on their voting to a national convention. 

So far here are the major party races

For the Centrist Party, Joseph Zhang is being challenged by Edward Stewart, Stewart is leading an extreme-business faction that is upset with Zhang for saying he would support a committee to investigate corporate malpractice. Stewart is the CEO of Lion Medical a company under investigation for tax fraud, he represents the pro-business faction on the Centrist Party, so far Stewart has spent millions on ads, with some saying he might “buy his way to the convention”. So far he is polling at 30% though Zhang looks to have things under control. Meanwhile, Sean Khan has a challenge from Leah Stewart a self-help author, who has an appeal with urban well-educated liberals, although she is a feminist she also opposes Khan for supporting Trans rights, saying “He does not understand the sensitive issue of gender, as he himself has not experienced it in any way”. So far Stewart is polling at 21%. Of course, for the Conservative, it’s Oliver vs Weasley (see our article on Brooke Weasley). Meanwhile, for Socialist-Labor, Minmintao Johnson is not running and is expected to retire later this year, in the place of the 76-year-old is Jimmy de Guzman, a longtime MP from New Liverpool 32nd, and then Delia Ruiz, a labor organizer from Victoria Province, a socialist stronghold. Joseph Chavez once again runs unopposed for the National Alliance, finally Joel Ang, a tribal council member from the Walmak Tribe who said in 2021 “The govermeant wants to take your god, your guns, and your nation, and they’re doing all 3 in Kaijan” he is running against Micheal Spencer, the leader of the New Right. The two have been going at each other, even getting into a fiery debate on the far-right radio show “Radio Free the Bear”.

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