Huenyan anti-terrorist mission falters

Despite an initial optimistic start, the anti-terrorist mission launched by the Huenyan Federation appears to be faltering. Observers on the ground are reporting that resistance to the Huenyan government among right-wing ethnic Xiomerans appears to be growing. The Golden Blade terrorist group has taken outright control over an increasingly large area of the country, centered around the city of Xonacatlán in southeastern Huenya. Xonacatlán and its surrounding municipality have slipped completely out of government control, according to international observers.

In Xonacatlán, the Golden Blade has formed a competing government and declared Xonacatlán their capital. The group now claims to be a state of their own, the State of Apozanolotl. Under that banner, the terrorist group has begun moving in force to claim what the Huenyan government refused to grant them – a separate homeland under their control. Despite optimistic claims by Huenyan officials, people in the area around Xonacatlán have told DTNS that Huenyan Army forces have been forced into retreat from the Xonacatlán area. Golden Blade fighters have been seen in new gray and black uniforms, designating themselves the Army of the State of Apozanolotl. “There are no Federal Police, no Federation Army, not even any local police here anymore. They all ran away after the Blade arrived,” Inelochitl, the former mayor of Xonacatlán, told DTNS from a secret location where she is currently hiding. Inelochitl, like many others who work for the Huenyan government in Xonacatlán, are trying to avoid capture by Golden Blade forces and find a way to escape the city.

In an official statement, the Golden Blade said that it would no longer seek to negotiate with the Huenyan government. “We will instead win our independence from Huenya the same way they won their independence from Xiomera – on the battlefield,” the statement read. The statement left open the possibility of negotiating with other parties, such as other governments, to ensure the protection of their nationals in territory they control in exchange for recognition as a legitimate state. The statement, however, made it clear that the group no longer has any interest at all in trying to negotiate a resolution with Chuaztlapoc.

For its part, the administration of Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli insists that it can get the situation under control, and defeat the terrorist threat. It, too, has ruled out the possibility of any further negotiation. “We will not allow a puppet regime, controlled by Tlālacuetztla, to hold even one inch of Huenyan soil. We will instead bury the terrorists under that soil,” the Vice-Speaker told the Federal Legislature today in his most aggressive speech yet about the terrorist threat. The Vice-Speaker has reportedly ordered a full mobilization of the Huenyan security and defense forces, preparatory to a full-scale invasion of the occupied area around Xonacatlán. He has also begun calling for Huenyan citizens to join volunteer militia to assist the Huenyan military. “Our soldiers and our patriotic citizens together will rescue their fellow Huenyans in Xonacatlán and put an end to this terrorist group once and for all,” the Vice-Speaker said. He also repeated, in the government’s bluntest statement yet, Huenyan claims that Xiomera is supporting the terrorists. “Only Calhualyana, in her dreams of empire, would supply these violent thugs with the arms, uniforms, equipment and supplies they possess. She may think she can break Huenya with this scheme. She will instead only strengthen our resolve and our determination to remain united and free,” Tiacihitli said.

In response to the alleged Xiomeran support for the Golden Blade, Huenya has increased patrols in the Gulf of Epeloc and has begun blocking Xiomeran ships from entering Huenyan waters. Xiomeran officials accused Huenya of violating the Jinyu Agreement with these patrols, and warned it would consider sending ships from its coast guard to protect Xiomeran civilian shipping in the Gulf.

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