Eirian Cabinet Nominees Announced

Eirian Chancellor Stendē, in an extended press conference this morning, presented her selections for Cabinet positions to the general public. Out of the fifteen Cabinet Ministers up for reappointment, only three ministers were chosen for reappointment, signifying the large change in ruling coalition ideology since the 2020 election. Those selected will now state their experience and credentials before the Senate before the end of next week, and the Senate will vote either to confirm each candidate or send their credentials back to the Chancellor, restarting the selection process for that position. 

The makeup of these Cabinet appointees is mixed, reflecting the varied political makeup of the Unity Alliance. Six appointees are from the Moderate Left Wing, four are from the Green Party, three are from the Centrist Wing, and two are Moderate Rights. This balanced makeup, according to Chancellor Stendē, was carefully negotiated to provide an even Cabinet. “Party and Coalition leaders were consulted extensively during the appointment process, guaranteeing the most satisfaction possible from all sides of our coalition.”

A notable appointment included in the bill was former Chancellor, now Senator William Lancaster, who was nominated to the new “Minister of the Caxcanan Union” position. The appointment marked the first time since 1963 a completely new Cabinet Position has been proposed by a Chancellor. “Senator Lancaster’s political experience and relationships with foreign leaders will allow him to serve the Caxcanan Union to the extent his position allows. I am more than glad to have the opportunity to work with him again, although it’ll be nice to be in charge this time.” Chancellor Stendē commented, receiving polite laughter from the gathered press.

These nominations are in no way permanent, and some could be rejected. However, given the extensive negotiations that occured and the state of the coalition, many experts believe that any rejection is unlikely to happen. “None of the parties want to risk rejecting a candidate and angering their allies, especially with a balanced Cabinet proposition. As they see it, it wouldn’t be worth it.” Stephen Collins, a prominent Eirian political commentator and analyst, told DNTS. “The Centrists and ModRights haven’t had a Cabinet Position in decades, so the most likely group to make an objection would be the Greens. However, reorganizing the nominations would only anger their allies, so they will likely accept without complaint.”

List of Cabinet Nominees(In order of succession to the Chancellor’s Seat):

Minister of Diplomacy(Ministre dei Diplomaja): Alice Lancaster (L) (RA)

Minister of Justice(Ministre dei Jūstica): Deniss Krievinš (L)

Minister of Defense(Ministre dei Āsence): Stephen Brun (R)

Minister of the Economy(Ministre deile-Ēkonomē): Amelie Ward (C) 

Minister of Labor(Ministre dei Darbal): Corinne Turner (G) (RA)

Minister of Construction and Physical Development(Ministre dei Konstrukcōn ut Developmōn Fisiskai): Charles Marshall(G)

Minister of Intelligence(Ministre dei Intelligence): Oliver Karklins (C)

Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources(Ministre dei Laukcsaceba ut Resursei Dabane): Vilars Lusis(C)

Minister of Scientific Development(Ministre dei Develabmōn Sīencifik): Dr. Emily Thorne (L)

Minister of Health(Ministre dei Veselt): Dr. Inga Leroux (L) (RA)

Minister of Culture (Ministre dei Kultura): Mathias Steyer (L)  

Minister of the Environment(Ministre deile Venirōde): Janis Abolinš (G) 

Minister of Transport(Ministre dei Transportašana): Anese Wilson (R)

Minister of Education(Ministre dei Izkācon): Daniel Richardson (G)

Minister of the Caxcanan Union (Ministre deile Unija Kaškana): William Lancaster (L)

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