Thousands Attend Anti-Calhualyana Demonstration Outside Parliament

Over two thousand demonstrators were present outside the Lauchenoirian Federal Parliament this morning attending a protest against Empress Calhualyana of Xiomera. This follows rumours that Prime Minister Alvarez may have made a secret deal for the release of election observer Paul Ramirez from the custody of the Golden Blade, a pro-Xiomera terrorist organisation in Huenya. Ramirez was taken hostage by the terrorists in January while acting as an impartial observer to the first democratic elections in the newly-formed state of Huenya.

There were no arrests at the demonstration, where protesters displayed banners and placards with phrases including “no dirty dealing”, “down with the tyrant” and a photoshopped image of Calhualyana and Alvarez adorned with devil horns lying in a bed together. Demonstrators posted on social media calling on the Lauchenoirian government to immediately cease diplomatic relations with Xiomera; formally ally with Huenya against the Golden Blade; and called on Alvarez along with Foreign Minister Sandra Pavía to resign immediately.

Following the release of Ramirez last week, Alvarez thanked Calhualyana for her intervention with the Golden Blade in a press conference. The Prime Minister’s speech was greeted with immediate scorn on social media, where Lauchenoirians accused her of being a “Xiomeran puppet”, of having negotiated with Calhualyana ahead of the release, and of deliberately attempting to sabotage the Huenyan state due to her “intense personal hatred” of their former monarch, Yauhmi.

Chants calling for the resignation of both Alvarez and Pavía were heard throughout the day, alongside one speaker calling for the removal of Pavía from her position, and her arrest for “treason”, citing the pictures posted online last year by the Milintican Minister of Decolonization and Depatriarchalization, Neina Arana, of Pavía and Calhualyana speaking at the International Women’s Congress. One organiser of the demonstration, who asked not to be named, told the Lauchenoirian Guardian that people would be outside parliament every day until “we can be sure that Lauchenoiria will remain free of Xiomeran influence, and that the pro-Xiomera elements in the cabinet are removed”.

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