Aurian base under attack

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A naval base in Auria has become the center of heavy fighting. The incident began when a group of rebellious soldiers and local partisans loyal to the deposed Queen Sophie staged a revolt and occupied the Queen Marija Naval Base in Côte-Verte, according to DTNS reporters in Auria.

The base is now the subject of a fierce counter-offensive to regain control of the base by mercenaries from Xiomera’s Coytochte Security Services Corporation (CSSC). The CSSC forces have been supporting the current government under King Andrew, which staged a coup in June 2021 and seized power. CSSC has been operating in Auria as the self-declared CSSC Aurian Peacekeeping Forces. The CSSC commander in Auria, General Teoctlehue, gave this statement to the media: “The CSSC Aurian Peacekeeping Forces, under contract to the Government of Auria and His Majesty King Andrew, have a mission to maintain the peace and prevent violence between the government and supporters of the former Queen Sophie. Our forces are fulfilling that mandate in Côte-Verte by engaging in an operation to regain control of the naval base there and prevent it from being used as a springboard for further anti-social violence.”

The statement went on to advise that the immediate area around Côte-Verte will be designated as a “special military zone” until control over the base is re-established and “civil order restored”. A curfew, along with checkpoints and special passes required for entry or exit, will be established. CSSC has also warned that any planes or ships attempting to approach Côte-Verte or the naval base without authorization are subject to either being seized or fired upon as part of the security cordon being established there.

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