Anger in Kerlile at Xiomera-Iskiram Alliance

The Council of Kerlile published a statement expressing disappointment in the government of Xiomera, led by Empress Calhualyana, after an announcement that Xiomera would be basing military forces in Iskiram, a nation in Neria which is classified as “Dangerous” on the Kerlian Women’s Safety Index (KWSI), a ratings system used by the Kerlian government to determine the safety and equality of women in other nations globally. The Kerlian Women’s Safety Board (KWSB), which administers the KWSI, has also announced a review into Xiomera’s classification, currently rated at the highest “Excellent”.

The alliance between Xiomera and Iskiram was condemned by the Council when it was first announced at the beginning of November 2021, however no review into Xiomera’s rating was launched at that time. Angelica Holloway, the press liaison for the KWSB explained the difference in reactions to a press conference at the Board’s headquarters in Grapevale following the announcement.

“At the time of the initial alliance, we were disappointed in Xiomera, but due to the antagonism of many nations towards Xiomera at that time we considered the alliance an unfortunately necessary step for the economy of the Empire at that time. However, this new development, especially the commitment by Prime Minister Toquihu to ‘rapidly come to the defence’ of such a severely patriarchal nation will undoubtedly affect the lives of Xiomeran women at home, as any military service carried out by Xiomeran women may lead to them being forced to oppress their peers by fighting against forces trying to liberate Iskirami women. Therefore it is vital we launch an immediate review of Xiomera’s classification.”

Iskiram has long since been classified as “Dangerous” on the KWSI, with women’s rights in the nation classed as ‘extremely low to nonexistent’. Women in Iskiram are deeply restricted in options for employment and are usually expected to marry and become housewives. Each year, Kerlile takes in a number of Iskirami refugees fleeing from arranged marriages or other misogynistic practices, however the Iskirami government continues to try and prevent women from leaving.

The resolution by the Council of Kerlile expressing disappointment in Xiomera’s actions does not commit Kerlile to taking any action against Xiomera, however the Council has not ruled out taking measures should the alliance be deepened in the future. The resolution does, however, explicitly state that as long as Xiomera is in a formal alliance with Iskiram, that Kerlile cannot formally ally with Xiomera. This is likely to come as a blow to Xiomeran ambitions for further alliances, as the two major nations of the Huenyan subcontinent continue to battle for Kerlile’s support.

The Council were, however, careful to note that this resolution does not prevent the Matriarchy from cooperating further with the Xiomeran Empire in ways other than a formal alliance, nor does it side with Huenya in the ongoing conflict. Until the conclusion of the KWSB’s review, both Xiomera and Huenya remain classified as “Excellent” on the KWSI, and Kerlile remains neutral regarding the ongoing conflict between those two nations.

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