Xiomera to base forces in Iskiram

In a deepening of their alliance, the governments of Iskiram and Xiomera have announced plans for Xiomera to build a military base in Iskiram in exchange for weapons technology.

The deal calls for Xiomera to build a military base in At Khalad, on the coast of Iskiram. The facility is expected to include a naval base and port for the Imperial Navy, and an airfield for the Imperial Air Force. It is also expected to include a small garrison of the Imperial Army, to serve as a rapid response force and also to help train and modernize Iskirami forces.

“This deal will allow us to more rapidly come to the defense of Iskiram should it be attacked by a hostile power, as part of our alliance agreement with the Sultanate,” Xiomeran Prime Minister Toquihu told the media. “In addition, it will allow us to more easily help Iskiram as it seeks to modernize its armed forces. It will also help to ensure that Xiomeran interests in this part of the world are protected and that we can respond to any threats to our nationals or our merchant shipping regardless of distance from Xiomera itself.”

In return for the rights to construct and maintain the base, Xiomera will provide Iskiram with prototypes and development assistance for export versions of its warplanes, helicopters and transport planes. It will also provide Iskiram with advisors to help modernize and improve its air force. Xiomera will also, in the future, provide Iskiram with similar assistance with modernizing its ground forces. The agreement, which is an addendum to their existing alliance agreement, will give Xiomera a ten-year lease on the base, with the option for both parties to renew or terminate the agreement after that.

Iskirami Minister of Foreign Affairs Ozak Abn-Resat Sabanci spoke favorably about the deal yesterday, stating that “The Grand Imperial Army must not use bravery to make up for material. While our Imperial Aeronautical Service has improved greatly since our war with Serriel, there is always more work to be done. Cooperation with our Xiomeran friends will allow the Sultanate to march ever closer to the future.”

Foreign affairs expert Rose Apeldoorn, with DTNS, said that the agreement is meant to help both countries defend each other and improve their integration as allies, but is also meant by the Xiomerans to make a point. “The recent establishment of a Sanctarian base in neighboring Huenya was seen by many in Tlālacuetztla as a warning shot across the bow by the Sanctarian government to the Imperial regime. It now appears as if the Xiomerans are sending off a warning shot of their own, and making it clear that they consider themselves a major power as well. It will expand Xiomeran reach to an entirely new part of the world and make it necessary to deal with them,” Apeldoorn said.

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