Election 2022: Spartacus Jones

Spartacus Jones was born Robert Jones, however, at the age of 37, his personality is around his new name Spartacus Jones. Jones is part of the Afro-Slokasian community the descendants of slaves brought over during the 1800s. Jones was a drummer in

DTNS news bulletins, April 24th

Breakaway Huenyan state seeks recognition: The breakaway state emerging in southeastern Huenya, the State of Apozanolotl, has formally begun seeking recognition as an independent nation. The Xiomeran Empire was quick to recognize the new state and establish diplomatic relations, although there has

Milintica seeks to export car

The Milintican Ministry of Trade, in cooperation with the Milintican Autoworkers’ Union and MNAC (Milintican National Automotive Cooperative), have announced they will begin exporting the MNAC Model 1 sedan. The MNAC M1 has been manufactured in Milintica for domestic use since 1965,