Former Emperor’s son makes move

From his exile in Serriel, the son of Xiomera’s deposed former Emperor Xochiuhue has extended an offer to the international community: help me depose the current ruler, and I will negotiate an end to the multiple crises in Caxcana linked to Xiomera.

Tlacatli went into exile after his father was violently removed from power by the current Xiomeran ruler, Empress Calhualyana. He still maintains that he is the rightful ruler of Xiomera.

“Many people may doubt that I can be trusted or safe to negotiate with, given who my father was. I understand that. But to be blunt, can I possibly be any worse than Calhualyana?” Tlacatli told DTNS in an exclusive interview. “Unlike Calhualyana, I have no love for fascism, and no desire to antagonize the international community. I saw the damage the civil war did to Xiomera, and I don’t want to see Xiomera and its people suffer even worse. That will be our fate if Calhualyana is not stopped.”

Tlacatli also said that he would be a better choice to replace Calhualyana than anyone else the international community might choose. “If the international community places someone like Yauhmi or her son, who are now despised in Xiomera, back into power, there will only be more chaos and civil strife. But I don’t have that baggage. I do have my father’s reputation to live down, I know that. But I am willing to offer the Xiomeran people and the international community any guarantees needed in order to earn trust.” Tlacatli said that his government would agree to disband the XCP, hand over Calhualyana to LIDUN to face human rights charges, and to remove proxy forces from Auria and Huenya in exchange for support from the international community.

Tlacatli told DTNS that he is planning to travel to Caxcana with his followers soon, in an attempt to secure a location to begin building an army to depose Calhualyana. His “Government of Xiomera in Exile” has sent letters to the leaders of Lauchenoiria, Laeral, Eiria, Sanctaria and other major IDU states in hopes of gaining support as a palatable replacement for Calhualyana. “Even if the international community can’t see beyond my family’s past to my own future and find it in themselves to help us, though, we are going to Xiomera either way. I cannot stand by any longer and see what is happening to my country,” Tlacatli told DTNS.

As of press time, none of the solicited governments has responded yet to Tlacatli’s overtures. The Xiomeran government responded to DTNS inquiries with a terse one-line response: “If Tlacatli thinks he is any less despised in Xiomera than Yauhmi, or Xochiuhue for that matter, then he is as crazy as his father was.”

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