DTNS news bulletins, April 24th

  • Breakaway Huenyan state seeks recognition: The breakaway state emerging in southeastern Huenya, the State of Apozanolotl, has formally begun seeking recognition as an independent nation. The Xiomeran Empire was quick to recognize the new state and establish diplomatic relations, although there has been no formal alliance or military cooperation between the two as of yet. No other state in the IDU has given recognition as of yet to the breakaway state, created by the former Golden Blade terrorist group. The State of Apozanolotl has also formally petitioned to be granted representation in LIDUN. The Huenyan government, in its own statement, declared Apozanolotl to be an “illegitimate state” created by Xiomera, and has pledged to continue military action to restore its authority over the area.
  • Netlcoātl Islands government collapses: The government of the Netlcoātl Islands has collapsed, after a combined group of Xiomeran and native islanders deposed the local ruler Ahuac in the early hours of April 24th. There appears to have been little resistance to the takeover; local sources reported that resentment at the increasingly tyrannical and corrupt government had been growing over the past few months. Accusations of piracy, charging excessively high fees to use local ports and naval facilities, and allowing criminal enterprises to set up shop on the island in exchange for kickbacks had reportedly fueled the local anger at the government. The islands sit on a stragetically important strait between the Caxcana mainland and the Huenyan subcontinent. The new leadership on the Netlcoātl Islands has stated that in order to avoid a possible resumption of civil war on the island between native inhabitants and Xiomerans, they will seek to join the Huenyan Federation. The Huenyan government has not yet commented on the situation.
  • Arana launches criticisms of government: In Milintica, a sitting Minister has launched a blistering criticism of the economic policies of President Matōchmizalo. Neina Arana, the Minister of Decolonization and Depatriarchalization, accused the President and his leading circle of “betraying the principles of Milintican socialism” with recent moves to shore up the island chain’s moribund economy. Recent trade arrangements with Eiria and Huenya, as well as the opening of Milintican business enterprises overseas and the planned export of Milintican cars, “have the blatant reek of capitalist speculation” about them, Arana said. She called for the resignation of the President, as well as that of Prime Minister Tupai Tapihana, Trade Minister Tetlalli and Development Minister Mamocoyo. She also called for the leadership of the Milintican Autoworkers’ Union and the Milintican National Automotive Cooperative (MNAC) to be removed as well. In a statement of his own, President Matōchmizalo fired back at Arana, calling her views “outdated and misinformed” and “an example of the mistakes of the past that have ruined our economy”.

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