Saunders Emerges Victorious in Tight Election

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Sanctus – Former Ambassador to the World Assembly, Dr. Katherine Saunders, has narrowly edged out Sanctus City Councillor Ethan Ringrose to be the next President of the Divine Federation. Saunders, who won with 52% of the vote, becomes the first Sanctarian Conservative Party candidate to become President since George Sampson left office in 2000.

The election campaign itself proved to be relatively non-contentious, with neither side resorting to dirty tactics in order to, as a source on one campaign said, “refrain from tarnishing the office of President”, but Saunders eventual win has been put down by many people to her outshining the Democratic Left Party’s Ringrose at the sole Presidential Debate. Though Ringrose had been leading until that point, a number of missteps in the debate, as well as the clear inexperience in the format compared to Saunders who had spent years debating in the General Assembly, convinced many Undecideds that the experienced diplomat was their preferred candidate.

Retiring President, Marian Woodstrom, expressed her congratulations today to Saunders and is said to have already had a conversation with both candidates. As is traditional, Saunders will likely be invited to Eagleston Manor later this week to have tea with Woodstrom. Woodstrom also expressed her condolences to Ringrose who was hoping to be the first DLP candidate to succeed another DLP President.

Saunders thanked her campaign, her family, and the voters for placing her trust in her, and also praised Ringrose for being “an excellent opponent”. Chancellor Hendry has also publicly congratulated Saunders, as has the SCP Leader Kate Cruz, with both party leaders now likely to look forward to the general election tentatively scheduled for the end of this year, and wondering how the Presidential Election results will translate.

Saunders will be sworn in as President at 10am on May 2nd of this year, with Woodstrom’s term expiring at midnight May 1st.

GWEN COPLEY, Political Correspondent


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