Manauia to send forces to Auria, seek UCS invite

The government of Manauia today announced that it will offer to send a small contingent of support troops to Auria to assist the coalition seeking to restore Queen Sophie to power. A total of 500 troops are being offered by Manauia to assist Lauchenoirian forces. “Lauchenoirians helped us win our freedom from Xiomera when no one else would. It is only fair that we return the favor and help Lauchenoiria,” Sapa Tanqui, the leader of Manauia, told local media. If Lauchenoiria accepts the offer, the Manauian forces would mainly be performing roles such as combat medics and logistical support.

The Manauian government also announced at the same press conference that it has formally contacted the Union of Caxcanan States to begin discussions about potential membership. While Manauia has not committed yet to joining any partnerships with other nations, its leaders have stated that security remains a concern. Manauia is separated by just miles from Xiomera, its former colonial ruler, across a narrow strait.

In the final announcement during the press conference, Sapa Tanqui said that the country will now be officially known simply as “Manauia”, dropping the word “island” from its name.

Huenya deploys forces to Netlcoātl Islands

The Huenyan government has deployed security personnel to the Netlcoātl Islands in response to a request for aid from the interim government there.

A force of 500 Huenyan Federal Police and 500 Huenyan Army soldiers, along with a small air and naval detachment, arrived this morning in the capital Citlamina. Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli said that the deployment will stabilize the islands and prevent crime and violence. The islands’ own security forces have disbanded in the wake of the previous government’s collapse, leading to rampant looting and violent crime.

The motion to send troops to the Netlcoātl Islands was approved yesterday by the Chamber of Deputies by a vote of 126-111 with three abstentions. Most of the left-leaning parties, and even some Unification Party members, voted against deployment. Many objected that Huenya cannot afford the deployment at this time due to its economic and budgetary state. Objections were also raised that Huenya can’t spare any soldiers who could be used to fight the insurgency in its southeast.

The Vice-Speaker, however, said that Huenya had a humanitarian responsibility to respond to a request for aid. He also stated that Huenya was acting to prevent Xiomera or another hostile party from potentially occupying the strategic islands. “Given the current Xiomeran-led occupation of Auria, we cannot afford to leave the islands unprotected,” he said.

The Huenyan deployment to the islands has no set end date. The provisional government is expected to request to join Huenya. Huenyan officials have indicated that they would welcome international observers to ensure that any such bid by the islanders is legitimate and not achieved by coercion.

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