BREAKING: Xiomera begins expulsions

The Xiomeran Empire has begun expelling foreign nationals from “hostile” nations, as well as some of its own citizens, in a rapidly spiraling crisis on its border with Huenya.

Empress Calhualyana, in a speech to the Imperial Parliament last Monday, announced that she was issuing “Public Safety and Security Order #47/2022”. This order effectively calls for the expulsion from Xiomera of any foreign national from specific nations deemed a potential security threat. The nations listed on the order are Eiria, Lauchenoiria and Milintica. ISA officials also warned that the order could be amended to add nationals from other nations “if they also pursue hostile actions against the Empire.”

ISA officials said that the expulsions from the three nations listed were justified because “the nations in question have threatened Xiomera, have a longstanding record of hostility towards our nation, and could well utilize their nationals in our nation as spies or agents to commit terrorist acts or sabotage within the Empire.” The same justification was used by ISA to explain the planned expulsion of thousands of ethnic Itotemoc, Necatli and Tepiltzin from the country. “These individuals have loyalty to Huenya, not Xiomera. Despite the Jinyu accords supposedly guaranteeing peace, Huenya continues to pursue a disrespectful and unacceptably belligerent attitude towards the Empire. We have no choice but to remove these potential security threats from our soil,” an ISA spokesperson said.

The expulsions, which have already begun taking place, are causing a significant humanitarian crisis within the Canal Zone that separates Xiomera from Huenya. The normal pathways west from Xiomera would require travel through the separatist state of Western Xiomera, which has refused to allow refugees to cross their borders. As a result, Xiomeran security forces have reportedly been forcing mass numbers of deported individuals, often at gunpoint, to cross the border and leave Xiomera for the Canal Zone. Most of them are arriving with little to no possessions; some have reported that all their assets and belongings were confiscated by Xiomeran officials prior to their deportations.

Canal Zone officials have reported increasing challenges in housing and supporting the refugees, as well as keeping clashes from breaking out between ethnic Xiomerans and people sympathetic to Huenya and the refugees. “This could become a major humanitarian crisis if the deportations are not stopped immediately,” a Canal Zone police official told DTNS.

International Rights Watch, a human rights organization, has accused Xiomera of lying about their reasons for deporting the foreign nationals and other ethnic groups. “Xiomera is simply seeking an excuse to deport anyone opposed to Empress Calhualyana and the XCP, and their nationalist ‘Xiomera Rising’ agenda,” a statement from IRW said. The IRW also has accused Xiomera of manufacturing a humanitarian crisis in order to distract the world from its “occupations of Auria and southeastern Huenya”.

In Chuaztlapoc, Huēyi Tlahtoāni Texōccoatl has pledged to take in any and all refugees from Xiomera. “Whether they are Tepiltzin, Itotemoc, Necatli, or Xiomeran, they are all Huenyans. If they are instead one of the dozens of nationalities originally from outside of Huenya, they are also all Huenyans. The Huenyan Federation will take them all in, shelter them, and protect them from the evil regime of the XCP. And, in time, those who Calhualyana has forced from their homes will return and reclaim what is rightfully theirs. I swear this as the sovereign of Huenya, as a soldier of Huenya, and as a Huenyan,” he declared to an angry crowd at Xochuaxte Palace.

At Xomaxtli Hill, the estate of nantzintli Yauhmi which has become a center of the refugee community in Huenya, the former monarch echoed her son’s words. “Here at Xomaxtli Hill, and throughout Huenya, we will take in the dispossessed and the mistreated, and they shall find shelter and the strength to rebuild and reclaim what they have lost,” Yauhmi told the media. Many of the refugees streaming into Huenya have begun being housed in a large encampment around the estate at Xomaxtli Hill.

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