News From Around The IDU, 5/29/2022

Political killings in Lao Sangsong bring up the issue of Inter-Clan conflict

On Monday, Tokinori Iwai was killed after his personal convoy was attacked. Tokinori was killed, then his home was robbed with over $125 million Koni or $12.5 million dollars being stolen. Tokinori was the son of Senko Iwai, the Damiyo of Abashri Governorate. An investigation by the Sentara Governorate where the murder took place found, a clique of Iwai Clan members responsible, however many from the Iwai Clan claim that the Sentara Clan carried out the killings. Senko Iwai has put out a warrant for the arrest of Sentara Clan leadership, he claims they wronged him. Within Lao Sangsong, murder is legal if the person accused is “wronged” this includes, fraud, stealing, and personal insults from the victim. However, per the 1977 Agreement, Inter-Clan murder is illegal, if proven the case goes before the House of Wisdom and Council made of 19 members, they would act as the jury and the judge would be the Shogunate Yoshinbou Abo.

Source: Kanjshima City Post

Manauia confirms will seek CU membership, forgo military ties

In response to recent conversations with officials from Laeral, the Manauian government has confirmed that it will seek to join the Caxcanan Union, but will limit its application to economic and diplomatic ties. It will not seek military ties with the CU as part of its application.

“The Manauian government is seeking to remain as neutral as possible in regional and world affairs, while acting both in the best interest of the Manauian people and their beliefs and goals,” Minister of International Affairs Chuayna told the media today. “We will therefore enter talks with the CU, if they are willing, for greater economic and diplomatic cooperation.” The Minister added that Manauia will seek bilateral ties with “other neutral parties” on defense issues to ensure the newly independent country can defend itself while not antagonizing its neighbor and former colonial ruler, Xiomera.

While ethnic Xiomeran leaders in Manauia praised the decision by Sapa Tanqui, some Manauians have criticized the government for it. “Sapa Tanqui should not be allowing Xiomera to have a veto on our affairs,” opposition leader Siza told DTNS. “The CU would enable us to have defensive connections with nations right next door, not on the other side of the world. How can countries as far away as Laeral ensure we will be protected if the Xiomeran Empire decides it wants our land back again?”

Source: DTNS

In Jane Tao’s Latest Album, a Hint of Summertime Melancholy

Laeralian singer-songwriter Jane Tao, who in 2021 topped the Laeralian charts with the bitter pop album Centerpiece, has released her newest album Skipping Stones, a melancholic exploration of a summertime romance during a family trip to a lake house. In the album’s title track, Tao recounts a meet-cute on the beach: “you fell in the lake and the silver sand/I pulled you out, your hands were chilled”, which despite its energetic sound reminiscent of past summertime pop hits, hints at the grim undertones of the relationship to come: “where the stone hits the surf no herons can stay/if you laugh at the bird it all feels okay”. Over the course of the following ten tracks, Tao charts anguish and heartbreak, guilt and remorse, through memorable tracks such as “17 Candles” and “Whirl Through the Dusk”. The most poignant of the album’s songs, notably “Canopy”, include only Tao’s vocals over a backing guitar track, a far sight from her original polished sound characterizing earlier albums such as Jane Tao (2016), Stiletto (2018), and Breaking Through (2019).

The 25 year-old singer, whose songs are alternately in French and Mandarin, has often been typecast as a singer of love ballads and breakup anthems, yet in 2021’s Centerpiece took on such themes as celebrity culture, slut-shaming and female sexuality, and the loss of her beloved grandfather to lung cancer. Skipping Stones is thus in some ways a return to form for the Miaoshi-born songwriter, but the note of regret and eloquent lyrics of this album show that the depth of her recent work is not going away. Skipping Stones reached first place on online streaming services and radio airplay for the second week in a row as of Saturday; Tao’s tour named for the album will begin June 4th with a sold-out concert in Lyrene, and will continue through Laeral and various international venues through August.

Source: La Sentinelle

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