Lauchenoirian government issues statement on Xiomeran provocations

The Federal Government of Lauchenoiria has issued the following statement following the actions of the Xiomeran navy near Mallacaland on Sunday morning:

“Shortly after 0700 on the morning of Sunday 17th July 2022, several Lauchenoirian naval vessels carrying out patrols near Mallacaland encountered the Xiomeran Expeditionary Fleet. Said Xiomeran vessels immediately began engaging in hostile manoeuvres, including flying armed aircraft over our ships and issuing threats. These actions by Xiomera were unprovoked, and are not conducive to positive international relations going forward. We did not, and do not, intend to respond to this, or any further, immature attempt by those in the Xiomeran military who wish to provoke a response from us.”

This short statement was issued while the Cabinet remained in session to discuss emergency measures that may be needed to respond to a severe heatwave forecast to hit Annatown next week. Weather forecasts predict that this will be the worst heatwave to hit Lauchenoiria since the high temperatures felt across the country during the civil war of 2018.

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