Xiomeran fleet menaces Lauchenoirian ships

A naval encounter occurred Sunday morning in which a Xiomeran fleet menaced Lauchenoirian vessels sailing near Mallacaland in international waters, several sources have reported.

According to the reports, the Lauchenoirian ships were engaging in routine patrols near Mallacaland when they were encountered by the Xiomeran Navy’s Expeditionary Fleet. The Expeditionary Fleet routinely travels between Xiomera’s remaining colonies and the mainland to both show the flag, and provide protection for those colonies. Reports have emerged in several media sources in both Lauchenoiria and Xiomera this morning that fighter planes from the aircraft carrier XIS Camaxtica overflew the Lauchenoirian ships. The planes reportedly established missile lock on several Lauchenoirian vessels, before flying back to their carrier with mocking comments made over naval radio to the Lauchenoirian ships. Similar target lock was established by some Xiomeran ships on Lauchenoirian targets, before more comments were made over radio channels to those vessels. The Lauchenoirian ships took no offensive or retaliatory action in response, according to reports.

Neither the Lauchenoirian nor the Xiomeran governments have yet commented on this incident, which is sure to raise the already high tensions between the two countries due to the conflict in Auria.

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