BREAKING: Xiomera allegedly places troops in separatist state

The Federal Intelligence Service of Huenya has claimed today that the Xiomeran Empire has placed troops within the separatist state of Western Xiomera, in violation of the Jinyu Agreement.

“We have received a report from Director Cuetlancaona today that Imperial Army ‘advisors’ are present within the illegitimate separatist territory that has sprung up within our southeastern region. We must make it clear that any presence of Imperial soldiers west of the Gulf of Epeloc is a severe violation of the Jinyu Agreement. The Huenyan Federation will not tolerate any Imperial military presence west of the Gulf,” Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli warned during a FIS presentation to the media today. The FIS presented satellite evidence, as well as photographs and reports from people within the separatist state, showing that as many as 500 Imperial “advisors” may be present within Western Xiomera at the present time.

Despite the insistence by the Vice-Speaker that Huenya will not accept a Xiomeran troop presence west of the Gulf of Epeloc, it is unclear what the Huenyan government or military can do about it. Repeated Huenyan offensives against the separatists have stalled. So far, Huenya’s beleagured military has only been able to prevent further separatist advances, rather than push them back.

“Along with the presence of CSSC mercenaries, the arrival of Imperial Army ‘advisors’ goes a long way towards explaining why the separatists have been so successful at resisting our efforts to restore control over the region,” FIS Director Cuetlancaona said. “The international community needs to assist Huenya in calling this blatant Imperial aggression to account.”

The Xiomeran government refused to speak with DTNS when asked to confirm or deny the presence of Imperial soldiers within Western Xiomera.

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