Government Approves More Troops to Huenyan Base

Sanctus – Secretary of Homeland Security, Kathryn Stewart, today confirmed that the Sanctarian naval base in Huenya would be reinforced with more troops from the Sanctarian Defence Forces in light of increased unrest in the region.

The move comes after the Sanctarian Conservative Party criticised the Government for potentially leaving Sanctarian assets and lives at risk in Huenya, which in recent years broke away from the militaristic Xiomera, at a time where Xiomera is heightening tensions with its neighbours, including placing troops in Western Xiomera, violating international agreements.

Speaking to reporters, Stewart said that “Sanctarian personnel and assets are of the utmost priority to me as Homeland Security Secretary, and to the Government as a whole. We will not allow the posturing of Xiomera to put those people in danger, and are taking steps to reinforce our presence in Huenya. The socio-economic development of Huenya is a key foreign policy objective, as well as general peace in region. We urge the Xiomerans to reflect on their actions and revert to Jinyu Agreement levels.”

Stewart also confirmed that Foreign Secretary Brian Young would be laying a raft of sanctions on Xiomera, as well as increased international aid funding to Huenya, before Parliament in the coming days.

BRIAN DeNOBLE, Defence & Security Correspondent

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