Hendry Announces She Will Not Contest Next Election

Sanctus – The curse of the outgoing Prime Minister continues into the position of Chancellor it seems with Charlene Hendry announcing today that the next election, scheduled for later this year, will see her leave parliament after almost 40 years.

Announcing her departure, Hendry also confirmed that she would be standing down as leader of the Democratic Left Party at the beginning of September to allow time for the party to elect a successor – she also indicated that she will stay on as Chancellor until the dissolution of the House of Deputies, in order to avoid the en banc resignation of government, as required by the Constitution, right before a scheduled election.

Though Hendry’s announcement today has taken the nation by shock, many sources in the DLP have said that Hendry only intended to serve one term as Chancellor and, though her popularity had been increasing in recent months, the recent Commission report which effectively abolished her constituency helped her come to her decision. “She didn’t want to duke it out with other established, and younger, DLP candidates to take over new constituencies. This election is going to be a messy one, for all parties. Lots of in-fighting”.

Hendry’s announcement today continues the reality, called a “curse” by many, that no individual who has served as Chancellor, or Prime Minister, has served more than one term. She wasn’t the only cabinet member today to announce they would not contest the next election, however. Health Secretary Linda Kelly also announced her retirement from politics, at the age of 73. Kelly has suffered from poor health in recent weeks and, like Hendry, did not want to contest an election in a new constituency.

Talk in Parliament House has already moved on to who will succeed Hendry as leader of the DLP and potentially Chancellor. The moderate wing of the party have already spoken of Kathryn Stewart, current Homeland Security Secretary, as a natural successor to Hendry, though Cllr. Ethan Ringrose, fresh from defeat in the recent Presidential election, is also popular with moderates; Ringrose has already announced that he would be seeking the DLP nomination for the new Sanctus 3rd Canton in the next election.

From the more socialist wing of the DLP, Culture Secretary Amanda Thomas is being talked up, but party officials think Equality Secretary Ann Ramirez is more likely to hoover up support from those voters, as she has more of a presence online and in media.

Opposition figures in the House have also reacted to Hendry’s announcement, with leaders from all parties wishing her well. Leader of the Opposition Kate Cruz joked with press today that Hendry resigning was a “wonderful early Christmas present for the SCP” indicating the party thinks they will be more successful against a new, untested leader. Time will tell.

JOEY SESSIONS, Political Editor

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