Several New Cave Systems Discovered Beneath Lake Yarkoluboy

Three new cave systems have been discovered beneath lake Yarkoluboy. These caves were found after extensive sonar sweeps by the National Geoscience Institute of Wosteaque (NGIW). Several cave divers from the NGIW explored the cave systems with little to no danger due to how large the caves were.

The first cave system was  approximately 110 meters below the surface. The cave divers explored the cave system until they reached a boulder choke; they then had to turn around. The cave system measures approximately 5 kilometers, from the mouth to the boulder choke.

The second and third cave systems were much larger, and only approximately 55 and 70 meters respectively, beneath the surface, for this reason a remote operated underwater drone (ROD) was used for exploration instead of cave divers. The ROD surveyed and mapped the cave systems until it reached the end. The max depth of the cave systems was 303 meters.

New discoveries will surely be made from this finding, however before that can happen there will need to be more in-depth explorations of each cave system.

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