Separatist state claims independence

After the announcement of a cease-fire by the Huenyan government, the separatist state calling itself Western Xiomera has declared the 16th of August as its “independence” day. Celebrations are being held throughout the separatist state “in recognition of our liberation from the Huenyan regime”.

“We are glad that the warmongers and racists in Chuaztlapoc have finally seen sense and ended their persecution of our people and our country,” the self-declared President of Western Xiomera, Xoacuitoa, told a large crowd in the separatist capital Xonacatlán today. “Today, Xiomerans trapped in Huenya have a refuge they can call home. We urge our fellow western Xiomerans to emigrate here and help us build a homeland we can all be proud of.”

Xiomeran soldiers were seen on the streets of several cities celebrating with separatist soldiers, making no effort to hide their presence in the territory. “The matter is settled. Western Xiomera is free. Huenya is defeated. Why should we hide?” one Xiomeran soldier told DTNS reporters before being ushered away by his commander. Xiomera is expected to formally announce an alliance with the separatist government in the coming days.

The Huenyan government was terse in response to the declaration of independence. “Our humanitarian decision to declare a temporary cease-fire does not, in any way whatsoever, represent a recognition of the nonexistent sovereignty of ‘Western Xiomera’ nor any ceding of our rights or authority over all Huenyan soil,” a spokesperson for Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli said.

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