Green-Pacifist Alliance Formally Dissolves Leaving Coalition Struggling

The Green-Pacifist Alliance, formed by a union of the Green Party and Pacifist Party prior to the 2020 Lauchenoirian Elections has formally dissolved, returning to two separate political parties. Members of Parliament for the GPA have since declared allegiance to either the Greens or Pacifists, with those choosing the Pacifists heading to the opposition benches. The Green Party immediately signed a new coalition agreement with the Liberal Party, remaining in government.

Following the departure of the Pacifists from the governing coalition at the end of July, the Green Party announced that they would remain part of government, which precipitated the formal dissolution of the alliance. Lucie Scott, leader of the Green Party and deputy prime minister, stated that it was important in these times to ensure the stability of government and that she was “saddened and disappointed” to see her colleagues in the Pacifist Party depart.

The split between the Pacifists and the Greens began when the Lauchenoirian government formally declared war on Andrew Cordonnier’s Aurian government, and joined the Coalition forces currently assisting Queen Sophie’s Aurian government-in-exile in their attempts to regain the territory lost to those behind the Aurian coup and the Xiomeran mercenaries who backed them. While for many Lauchenoirians this was seen as a stance against coup d’etats in light of their own country’s war, for the Pacifists it marked something far more dangerous.

Due to the Xiomeran involvement in the conflict, signalled by the presence of the mercenaries, and widely believed to stretch all the way to the top of Xiomera’s government, the Pacifists are concerned that Lauchenoiria’s involvement in Auria is inviting conflict with Xiomera, and with other powers in the Caxcanan region and further afield which could lead to a wider conflict. The Pacifists also accused the Liberals of violating the terms of the Coalition agreement, which Alvarez and the Liberals have denied.

Following the departure of the Pacifists, the governing coalition is limping onwards, with the narrowest of majorities – only one seat. So far, the government has managed to get by, but according to many only time will tell if the coalition achieves its goal of stability in the face of an ever-changing and conflict-ridden world.

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