Zongongia Announces Opening of Rockrose Spaceport

The Constitutional Theocracy of Zongongia announced earlier today the opening of the country’s first spaceport, designed to cater to a number of private satellite companies launches, with the possibility of manned missions in the future. The spaceport had been under construction since 2017 and has been completed following a number of failed court challenges by environmentalist groups.

The Rockrose Spaceport, located in central Zongongia, has been one of the main focuses of current Prime Minister, Ivan Kristensen since his election in 2016. As leader of the centre-right Economic Focus Party, investment in infrastructure was a main pledge of his party and something he will be looking to highlight as Zongongia faces elections in 2023, especially given the failures of EFP’s other key focuses – reducing unemployment and tax cuts.

While Zongongia has yet to launch a manned mission to space, they have been leaders in satellite development in Western Hesperida, with Zongongian companies manufacturing advanced satellites for use in GPS tracking, weather and climate monitoring, and communications. It is thought that the opening of Rockrose may well lead to even more focus on satellite and space technologies within the Zongongian economy.

Numerous political parties in Zongongia have pledged to investigate the possibility of beginning a manned space program following the 2023 elections, though it remains to be seen if this will be economically or politically feasible. Despite Zongongia’s general isolation, it is also possible that the country may reach out to other nations interested in space exploration to investigate beginning a joint program. If Economic Focus is victorious in the 2023 elections, this may fast become possible.

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